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The french connection chase scene filming locations duration. William friedkin on how he filmed the french connections iconic. The gold standard, however, remains the elevatedtrain chase toward the end of the french connection, if only because its hard to fathom that nobody was actually killed in the process of shooting it. Paradoxically enough, its also breathtakingly shot. Jan 26, 2020 gene hackman joked that he was at least seventh choice to play jimmy popeye doyle in the french connection. The baby carriage scene was at 86th st and new utrecht brooklyn. The french connection was a ground breaking film in every way imaginable. The 70s best film chases historic vehicle association hva. William friedkin talks about shooting the gripping car chase scene from the french connection. But prior to that, this was the movie that defined his career. The french connection 45 movie clip chasing the train.

Interview courtesy of 20th century fox home entertainment. For example, the french connection s seemingly competent and professional sidekick suddenly decides that the best way to kill doyle is from a rooftop in a broad daylight. The french connection 35 movie clip subway getaway. A washedup private security agent has to escort a valuable chinese antique out of shanghai but is ambushed en route. The anatomy of a great car chase film school rejects. It is the first film in the it film series as well as being the second adaptation following tommy lee wallaces 1990 miniseries. The dialogue, action, and story combine to create a dark, gritty, and cynical masterwork from director william friedkin, as perfect an example as any. However, jessica has is on a mission to prove her grandfathers innocence, but wind up falling in love with the enemy, chase. With brooke burns, tom everett scott, sophie neudorf, micheline marchildon. Apr 15, 2017 freebie and the bean fate of the furious is on movie screens now, which got us asking people around the office for their favorite car chase scenes that werent in fast and furious films. The french connection though, is the closest ive ever seen hollywood come to showing a true depiction of the city on film. Made in 1971 and starring a young gene hackman and roy scheider, it is based on an actual drug trafficking scheme known by the same name. The car scenes, filmed at night, use the same technique.

To the french connection community whatever the weather on trend. The french connection has to go down as the greatest chase movies of all time, considering how compelling the characters are, how expertly the narrative net is tightened around charnier, and just how crazy dangerous the car chase is. Thirtyfive years after it was made, the climatic car chase scene in the french connection is still jawdropping in its suspense and execution. It is clear that the film taxi driver, made 5 years later, contained car shots obviously influenced by the ones in the french connection. The action is unrelenting, and the car chase scene alone is a masterpiece in filmmaking.

Chase westmoreland, owner of chase s place and jessica claiborne the new kid on the block of delicious cravings are attracted to one another when neither one of them wants to recognize it. The chase, an american television film by paul wendkos the chase 1994 film, an american comedy starring charlie sheen and kristy swanson the chase 2017 film, a south korean film. Produced by new line cinema, katzsmith productions, lin pictures, vertigo entertainment, and distributed by warner bros. Inside the french connection car chase the new york times. Friedkin imbues the french connection with realism that extends to its tense, iconic chase that reflects the obsessive drive of popeye doyle. Our favorite car chase movies not named fast and furious cnet. Tense gritty exciting a must see more the french connection. Popeye doyle is complicated, an antihero or maybe worse. When they become part of a plot by miles to bring chase in line, things go off the rails and soon its a fight among the killers to set it all straight.

Mar 22, 2017 the famous chase scene took place around the streets of turin, but the iconic sewer tunnel sequence was filmed in coventry in the uk. Watching the french connection now, i kept thinking of how someone from the bruckheimer school would shoot it, with many more cuts and much more straightforward, dumber storytelling. The french connection 1971 the french connection 1971. Bandeusi jabneunda is a 2017 south korean crime thriller film about a landowner who teams up with a former detective to chase after the suspect of a 30yearold unsolved case. The chase is a 1994 american action comedy film directed by adam rifkin and starring charlie sheen and kristy swanson. The chase host bradley walsh left speechless after nuns farts become the hot topic bradley walsh for once was lost for words during tonights instalment of the chase. Popeye chases after charnier who leads him into an abandoned crematorium. The car chase was filmed over 5 weeks beneath the bensonhurst elevated railway of brooklyn s stillwell line from bay 50th street station along stillwell avenue and into 86th street and finally right into new utrecht avenue, ending at 62nd street station. This 1920s silent film perfectly captured chaotic commuting.

No less than seventeen stunt performers were involved in the making of the film, and stunt coordinator remy julienne has since worked as a stunt driver on other franchises including james bond and the da vinci code. Jul 29, 2017 in 1971, the french connection treated moviegoers to a chaotic car chase. Cary loftin, carry loftin, carey lofton, gary loftin, william carey loftin was an american professional stuntman, stunt coordinator and actor in the u. The french connection 1971 is director william friedkins brilliant, fastpaced, brutallyrealistic policecrime film his commercial breakthrough film the time is just right for an out and out thriller like this. The greatest cars from the best movie car chases autocar.

Flight attendant sydney brooke burns is tasked with looking after leah, an eightyearold unaccompanied minor flying back to chicago after visiting family. The french connection 1971 permits and the car chase. You can believe the movie, because its shot in such a rugged manner. Slap in the chase the chase s anne hegerty assures fans the chase will be back and reveals new episodes will be filmed in june. Review of the french connection 1971 by jonny c cinafilm. It famously came out after the fact, but when director william friedkin failed to get proper permitting for a five minute car chase scene in which gene hackman pursues a bad guy getting away in an elevated new york subway train, he went ahead and. Considering its a cornerstone 1970s classic, the french connection.

Tweet the studio where the chase, itvs awardwinning quiz show presented by bradley walsh test the knowledge of contestants from the general public, is located at granada studios, quay street, manchester, england. Oct 26, 2018 a nineminute french film shot through a bumpermounted camera on a mercedes chase car screaming through paris in one morally questionable take with no police escorts or road closures. Director william friedkin claimed the only thing we had permits for was to shoot on the elevated train when filming the iconic car chase from his 1971 best picture oscar winner, the french. Filmmakers shot the epic scene, which follows detective jimmy doyle gene hackman chasing a subway car above him, was shot without permits. Woman man be the first to shop new arrivals, access exclusive promotions and get the latest style. Most of the chase was filmed on hollywood back lots, with other california locations standing in for texas. Anyway, if youre a dude whos seen all the latest chaseheavy actioners, then its about time you checked out the adventures of detective jimmy popeye doyle. Gene hackman, the star of the french connection, discusses the famous car chase scene from the film. The car chase in the french connection is nearly 6 minutes long and roars all over brooklyn. Chase private client is the brand name for a banking and investment product and service offering. What are the best car chase movies or scenes youve ever witnessed. The pontiac chase in the sevenups is real as it gets.

The style of the film then, is a very paced and dingy chase scene. It featured a great early gene hackman performance that won an academy award, and it also won oscars for best picture, direction. The film was directed by kim hongseon and stars baek yoonsik and sung dongil. This fiveminute car chase is, of course, a thriller to watch, thanks in no small part to the stunt driving of bill hickman, who piloted the black dodge charger that dueled with steve mcqueen in bullitt. The screenplay, written by ernest tidyman, is based on. In our project one of the main aspects of the movie that we focused on was the car chase. Spiegel let the artistic director arthur penn shoot to his hearts content, and then fixed it so that penn couldnt oversee the allimportant editing phase. May 31, 2018 the car chase from 1971s the french connection is harrowing to watch and apparently, it was just as frightening to film. The french connection 1971 director william friedkin would make it impossible to see his career straight two years after the french connection by directing the exorcist, which took on a life of its own. Jun, 2017 the french connection 1971 there are two bills who fit the bill heredirector bill freidken and driving legend bill hickmanto give us this gritty thrill ride of a chase scene. From the french connection and ronin to the fast and the furious, the car chase scene has evolved beautifully over the years. Buster keaton was very innovative in his approach to shooting his chase scene in sherlock jr. Friedkin uses the camera expertly to do two things at once. Its funny, james, but the corridor between broadway in bedstuy and 58th road in maspeth is where much of the french connection was filmed.

The french connection is perhaps best known for its infamous, masterfully filmed chase scene influenced by peter yates bullitt in which the lead policeman, popeye doyle gene hackman, recklessly drives a stolen car through oncoming traffic in pursuit of a sniper escaping by elevated train. Apr 11, 2020 arguably the first really great car chase scene in a major hollywood movie and if youve seen cary grants drunk driving scene in north by northwest, youll understand why we say that, the tenminute chase in bullitt still holds upand today for more reasons than ever. Filmed on streets that hadnt been cleared, the stunt driver actually hit both a car and a truck driven by private citizens. The french connection is an adaptation of robin moores book of the same name which dealt. The french connection 1971 director william friedkin on the greatest car chase ever filmed.

The truetolife film about the largest narcotics seizure of all time in 1962. Between highspeed chases and a drug search that ripped a lincoln apart, vehicles really took a beating in this story. He cites william friedkins the french connection as a film in which the characters recklessness was an indication of their desperation, of the feverish point to which the storys events had pushed them. Hes a racist, a drinker, a womanizer and he doesnt mind beating the shit out of a suspect to get the answers he needs. Bullitt, and one of the most famous car chas hemmings daily. The anatomy of a great car chase every great car chase is a combination of several filmmaking elements. Directed by then 32yearold william friedkin, and written by ernest tidyman with a little help from legendary director howard hawks. May, 2019 seems chase is spending more time thinking about his girlfriend blair jessica morris and the kid they are raising, micah eli michael kaplan, and its setting miles off. While previous chases had obviously been filmed on closed roads, isolated highways, or sunday mornings including bullitt, the french connection placed the chase in the midst of busy new york traffic and pedestrians.

Although the 1973 film is a fictionalized account of grossos career, the spirit of the film. Warren dubeau car chase mashup bullitt vanishing point the french connection the sevenups. With orlando bloom, lei wu, simon yam, hannah quinlivan. This movie was a huge successit was one of the biggest grossing movies of the year and won best picture, best actor gene hackman, best director friedkin, best film editing gerald greenburg, and best adapted screenplay ernest tidyman. What is not always remembered is what a good movie it is apart from the chase scene. Popeye shoots at what he thinks is charnier, but in actual fact, he shot mulderig the cop he hated so much. Starring angelina jolie, kiefer sutherland and ethan hawke, 2004s thriller taking lives was not only filmed in montreal, but the plot played out there as well. May 08, 2017 the best part of the film comes from lloyds rare and expensive. It sets the tone for the best driving movie of 2017. While the french connection uses new york city as the landscape, bullitt takes place in san francisco. What are the best car chase movies or scenes youve ever. The french connection car chase featured detective jimmy doyle played by gene hackman.

The french connection was inspired by a true story, and eddie egan and sonny grosso, popeye and buddys real life counterparts, both have small roles in the film. Pontiac le mans french connection, 1971 gene hackmans popeye doyle is a downbeat cop, so its inevitable he grabs an equally rough at the edges car when he has to chase a suspect who is on. The french connection is routinely included, along with bullitt, diva and raiders of the lost ark, on the short list of movies with the greatest chase scenes of all time. Director william friedkin at the academy event the french connection 1971 on october 7, 2016 at the samuel goldwyn theater. The screenplay, written by ernest tidyman, is based on robin moores 1969 nonfiction book the french connection.

Montreals onscreen prominence proved to be a refreshing change for canadian filmgoers accustomed to watching homegrown locations disguised as american cities. French doctors support testing of new covid19 drug leading medic says lockdown must be long in france covid19 could have positive impact on food in france village makes meals for truckers in covid19 lockdown french science council lists deconfinement conditions. Jan 19, 2016 the french connection heres pretty solid proof they dont make movies like they used to. Upon seeing the french connection for the first time, legendary producer darryl f. The websites consensus reads that the film earns comparisons to the french connection with strong action, dynamic road chase scenes, and solid performances. But filming it this way was was astoundingly reckless. Director william friedkin recounts how he created one of the greatest action sequences ever.

William friedkin on how he filmed the french connections. William carey loftin january 31, 1914 march 4, 1997. Sydney is charmed by the little girl and makes an instant connection with her. Menu icon a vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Stunt driving doesnt come any more reckless, and in fact, this scene could not legally be recreated today. He is considered to be one of the film industrys most accomplished stunt drivers. The critics conducted a recount and the award went to hackman. No less an innovator than thomas edison filmed one of the earliest rides on the underground subway system in 1904. The french connection further increased the realism. Gene hackman oscarwinning stars as a tough new york cop who is obsessed with. The french connection 1971 smack dab in the middle of the hollywood renaissance, william friedkins 1971 police thriller titled the french connection captures the gritty reality of a true crime story like few films can. Weve gathered video for some of the greatest car chases ever to hit the big screen and put them in one place. The unchoreographed chase scene took place in regular nyc traffic, involving unsuspecting drivers and pedestrians.

It, retroactively known as it chapter one, is a 2017 american supernatural horror film based on stephen kings 1986 novel of the same name. Philip dantoni, the producer of bullitt and the french connection, rounded out his impeccable car chase trilogy with the sevenups, his only time in the directors chair. After years of struggle and misfortune, the role of the gritty new york. William friedkin on the car chase scene in the french. Did any of your favorite chase movies miss the cut. The hilly roads and steep inclines gave this chase the crazy jumps and turns that you dont. He, of course, misses and hits the innocent pedestrian instead leading to the great car elevatedtrain chase scene. The french connection sean donnelly, olivia hoden, chris nabors, and gaby perez this gripping, suspenseful and engaging film tells the story of a thirtytwo million dollar drug smuggle from paris to new york city. Overall, considering all factors, i find this the best car chase scene ever filmed.

This highlyacclaimed crime film, as viscerally depicted as it is, stopped me in my tracks threequarters of the way at the scenes showing the car that is. William friedkin called the french connection a crude poem to the city, and you can feel this unpolished poetry rendered in every frame. Zanuck proclaimed the chase sequences the greatest he had ever seen. The music in this film was composed by kerry muzzey and is a track called the secret history from the album the chase on vimeo join. The fate of the furious has incredible car chase scenes, including cars dropping out of a sixstory parking garage and a sinking lamborghini. The best actor award at the 1972 new york film critics awards was a tie between gene hackman for the french connection 1971 and peter finch for sunday bloody sunday 1971. The french connection bluray disc, 2009, 2disc set. The chases anne hegerty assures fans the chase will be. Its a debate that will probably rage on forever, and we are here not to solve it, but to stoke it. Jerry greenberg, whose film editing on the french connection won him an oscar, has died after a long illness.

What does william friedkins classic detective film the french connection teach us about filmmaking. The french connection is the kind of book that is boring almost the entire way through and then rockets to its conclusion. Its baked into the grit and grime of new york in the 1970s, its glittering storefronts and neon lights, bustling bars and nightclubs, and roaring traffic, streets slick with rain. The cops then chase him back to the island, where russo and the cops have a shootout with the other drug dealers. The french connection was filmed in the following locations. The french connection, meanwhile, cant be classified as anything other than a hardnosed, badass, tough guy action picture.

The french connection is a 1971 american neonoir action thriller film directed by william friedkin. The french connection gets the gong as the movie with the 3rd best car chase of all time. Ford edge st built for highspeed action revs us up for car. The films success can be divided into three direct results. I would say that about 70% of the book is just the cops staking out the crime and following the criminals, which sounds good in theory but doesnt always translate well on the page. Set in california, the film follows a wrongfully convicted man who kidnaps a wealthy heiress and leads police on a lengthy car chase in an attempt to escape prison, while the news media dramatize the chase to absurd extents. The filming locations of the french connection, then and. Which isnt to launch into a thingssurewerebetterthen rant.

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