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Returns the number of items in the combo box example get the list of all the items from the combobox set objlist browsermath calculator. This function is capable of selecting a list item specified in the function call and report pass or fail based on the result. If i need to select abc items in web list and before selecting that item i want to verify that whether that item exist in web list or not. Right now by script i am able to download but i am unable to go the saved. Settoproperty change the value of test object during runtime. Getroproperty is used to fetch a runtime object property from the aut or the application you are currently testing. More importantly, it offers free code for users of hp quicktest professioal. Hp quicktest professional is automated testing software designed for testing various software applications and environments. As we can see in this example, synchronization is required here.

Suppose you need to enter some value in all the textboxes on the page. Getropropertytext next above code will give you the number of objects on window. There are two types of methods by which one can get the property of an object. Qtp descriptive programming 2 qtp descriptive programming any web app working with all objects 1 qtp descriptive programming any web app working with web listboxes 1 qtp descriptive programming broken link checking 1 qtp descriptive programming. This site helps you in learning the basics of qtp and descriptiveadvanced programming in qtp on various environments like. In this course, we will make sure that any participants who join this course will immediately grasp the basics such as downloading and installing software until heshe tests application manually. Look at all the available objects operations both the identification properties. You dont know how many textboxes are there on page. Below example illustrates how we can get the all items from the drop down in qtp.

Qa,qtp quicktest professional,qc quaility center,lr loadrunner, testing trainings onetestingcenter all qa trainings. It returns the value of a property for a test object which qtp recorded to identify during the recording. Sometimes qtp does not recognize text in an object using the getropropertytext method. For example, you may want to restart a test from the beginning, or skip a step entirely and continue with the next step in the test. Verifying the contents of a web list in qtp scipt micro focus. Quicktest pro queries the operating system to see if an object exists that matches the physical description of the object that appears in the script statement assume that all objects are recognized by qtp and the object repository contains the correct descriptions for all of the objects contained in the script being executed. Step 1 record the object on which you want to use the getroproperty in object repository. This represents one of the messaging service provider layers that outlook depends on for data storage although mapi is the only type of namespace outlook currently supports. Descriptive programming in qtp and database connection in qtp. Getropropertyall items to get the full array list containing all the items, or if you. Write the below code in a new test in qtp and run it. Getroproperty items count returns the number of items in the combo box 79 80.

Webtable object is a table containing a variable number of rows and columns. Getropropertyall items print x get the number of items from the combo box y objlist. Qtp hp quick test professional automated software testing group. In the general section, click on restore layout button. Hence, it is important to know the basic methods for the key gui objects u.

Getropropertyall items returns all the items in the combo box 7. Usually you have the all items which would give you all the values of the weblist. That means that when you work with objects using qtp descriptive programming dp, you will be able to access runtime object properties only using getroproperty function. There are 4 steps involved in using the getroproperty. So i used getropropertyall items to put the contents in a variable, but i get an error. The hp uftqtp tool is primarily for software testers with a basic knowledge of manual testing. But i cant stop qtp recording those mouse clicks and window dragging. If i need to select abc items in web list and before selecting that item i want to verify that wh. I have added all objects of the first table grid into the object repository now iam checking enabledisable status of save button in the second table grid my code is like this valjavawindowzseries. Getroproperty is an inbuilt method used to retrieve the runtime value of an object property. Waitproperty waits till the property value becomes true. Uftqtp function to select an item form weblist or wincombobox.

Object spy can help determine useful properties and methods associated with an object in your environment. The instructions on how qtp should proceed once the recovery operations have been performed, and from which point in the test or component qtp should continue, if at all. Pavan lalwani tutorials point india private limited. Software testing blog by software testing company codoid. First, outlook requires that you create a reference to what it calls a namespace object. Now, you are able to view all the cells of the webtable. Getroproperty used to access object current value in running application qtp home category software testing mcq questions and answers qtp previous. Abhis blog i dont wanna follow a path, i would rather like to go where there is no path and leave a trail. Getroproperty in qtp continued software testing and. Gettoproperty the gettoproperty returns the value of the property from the test objects description, i. To enable missing items or display all menu items in the menu bar, follow the following steps. Learnqtp is the oldest and most popular site on qtp, running strong since 2006.

Qtp is a commercial tool and the trial version can be downloaded from hp site directly. I hope you all enjoyed these tutorials and started learning from them. For example, you may want to restart a test or component from the beginning, or skip a step entirely and continue with the next step in the. Qtp school learn qtp with fun descriptive programming.

Hi all, please can any body tell me the code in qtpvb script to verify the items of a web list. Verifying the contents of a web list in qtp scipt learn qtp. It performs functional and regression testing through a user interface such as a native gui or web interface. In our famous search engine you can see the search button as one shown below. Xpath object identification is a new feature in qtp 11. Test object properties using gettoproperty function will. Getroproperty used to access object current value in. To create and test this function, we have made use of the sample weblist given. If you open qtp help on getroproperty function, you ll see that this function can work with all objects. Need help selecting an item from a dropdown list in hp uft stack. Step 2 for the recorded object identifies the runtime property which could be used. Getroproperty function reads properties of a runtime object in an application.

For example enter user name and click on submit button it turns as text box and asking the age of the user, now tell me the property name of text box and how it. What do you do when quicktest professional qtp doesnt automatically recognize an. Wait used above for further information, please post your comments. The below code goes through all the messages in an outlook inbox and downloads attachments of all the unread messages in c. Getroproperty in qtp for java applet articlesontesting. How to capture javalist displayed value using qtp micro. Qtp working with gui objects there are various gui objects, with which qtp interacts. Qtp how to get all object indentification properties.

Getropropertytext gets the selected value of the combo box 6. Qtp interview questions by click the wedbutton we will get the webedit window at the same place of webbutton then how you get the property of that edit object and what is that property. Please click add faq item to add your first question. However, the qtp help documentation lists all items as one of the available properties for this object class and it should return the full list separated by a new line character between each item. Click the trials and demos link and select hp unified functional testing 11. The instructions on how qtp should proceed after the recovery operations have been performed, and from which point in the test qtp should continue, if at all. Object repository in qtp is like a storage place where it stores the properties of all the objects when we reocrd the script and later when we execute the script qtp checks that the objects in the application match the objects in the object repository and executes it, if both the objects matches the test will pass, if it cannot identify the. Retrieving and setting test object property values following are the predefined ways to retrieve and set values of test objects. Qtp working with gui objects there are various gui objects, with which qtp interacts, during the script execution. The hpmicro focus uft tutorials also describes getroproperty. Object spy, getroproperty, gettoproperty in qtpuft with example. In order to know the button type, we will use the getroproperty of the object as one shown. Getroproperty, gettoproperty, gettoproperties, settoproperty. Qtp identifies each object by class and stores it as a test object with default set of properties to identify that object during runtime qtp assigns a logical name to an object and then refers to that object by that name object repo characterizes objects within a class object identificatoin characterizes object properies of an object class.

Object identification properties can be used in the object repository description, in programmatic descriptions, in checkpoint and output value steps, and as argument values for the gettoproperty and getroproperty methods. Object spy, getroproperty, gettoproperty in qtpuft with. Interview questions answers in qtp, testing allother. Tips for working on qtp guide to quicktest professional 10. Apart from the eight different checkpoints, the qtp also provides a function called getroproperty. All articles and tutorials on this site are contributed by the expert team under the guidance of ankur. It works by identifying the objects in the application user interface or a web page and performing desired. Synchronization points must be used whenever its necessary. Uft function to select an item from a weblist or wincombobox. You might wonder why getroproperty needs to be used while there are checkpoints functionality is already available. Common string manipulation functions that you would be. I want to get all values presentdisplayed in the list, i tried getitem, getroproperty,getname,gettext,getselecteditem, but non of them are able to retrieve the. To get the property of an object programmatically during runtime, this function can be utilized. Qtp school learn qtp with fun synchronization in qtp.

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