Ninja paintball tank cracking

However in my first game with the tank, about 3 hours in, i started hearing hissing coming from my tankgun. Its time for you to stop using tape on your tank and upgrade to this. Can the regulator be removed from ninja paintball tanks. I have a ninja tank 6845 that i bought used, 1 year born. Ninja standard ci 3000 psi aluminum air tank black. The ninja paintball tank butt cover designed by exalt is made to slip over the back of your tank and keep your tank firmly placed against your shoulder, allowing you to shoot more accurately and get more eliminations. All warranty claims and returns must be approved by contacting ninja paintball for a return authorization number ra number at 815 477 0007. Ninja fill system details the ninja products are both the lowest cost solution, and easiest tank to get refilled. It has to keep pressure in, dirt and other crud out, and takes abuse with every fill. Ninja paintball ultralight adjustable tank regulator 4500 psi ninja paintball ultralight adjustable tank regulator 3000 psi. Ninja paintball super lite tank 68ci 4500f pick a reg pick a color 68 ci ninja paintball carbon fiber bottle tank 5 year hydro 4500psi grey 68ci adjustbale tank 68. Air systems tagged ninja paintball paintball revolution. The ninja paintball tank butt cover designed by exalt is made to slip over the back of your tank and keep your tank firmly placed against your shoulder, allowing you to shoot more accurately and get more. Can the regulator be removed from ninja paintball tanks used by paintballers.

I have a pressure washer tank as my pressure tank and a small pump with 2 electronic valves on the 2 output from 1 piece i am adding to the tank. No magic gauge reading and cracking open the valve at the right time to equalize the pressure. Ninjaball is grade a tournament paintball in the northwest. Grey ghost 68 4500 carbon fiber tank badlands paintball gear. Ninja paintball air tanks paintball markers, paintball. Ninja paintball has made paintball tanks for some time now.

Please verify a amazon link airsoftpressuredpb016io25l8. Ansgear has paintball guns and paintball equipment for everyone. And a great option that fits between these two carbon fiber tanks is the 454500 ninja paintball tank. The ninja tank regulator is 100% built in the us and is great quality. The warranty excludes wear items including regulator bonnet and bottle threads, fill nipples, orings, springs, burst disk and customer abuse. Ninja paintball products are warrantied for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Made in america, ninja paintball tanks have some of the fastest recharge rates, nicest looking bottles and performance that is unmatched by any other company out there. I own the 90 cuin ninja tank with ez valve and its incredible and i highly recommend the valve alone. For our purpose, we will use the simplest term, n2, but note that few if any paintball markers you will buy today use pure compressed. Chips, fractures, cracks and other damage to your tank. The industry made a giant leap forward with the release of the ninja superlite sl series of tanks. Tony cover how to tell if your tank has a bad hydrotest date. Okay so i have a 4500 tank my first carbon fiber tank. Ninja has over 20 years of experience building regulators and have made regulators in the past for brands such as kee action sports pure energyevil, national paintball supply, procaps dxs, tippmann, kingman, custom products, smart parts, wgp, jt sports and many others.

Everything you need to know about hydrotesting a paintball tank. A ninja paintball hpa tank mini fill nipple valve can extend the life of your compressed air tank. Empire paintball air tanks are dependable and cost effective. Your ninja tank reg is light weight and very easy to rebuild. Took out the tank for 10 minutes, put it back in, was good to go for the rest of the day.

Trigger safety barrel firing selector switch right, left, both crack. Ninja paintball aluminum n2 tank 48ci 3000psi ninja paintball aluminum n2 tank ci 3000psi ninja sl2 carbon fiber air tank 684500 w pro v2 regulator. Ninja paintball sl2 carbon fiber air tank 774500 sl 2 cerakote black usually ships in 24 hours tmg special. Used, ninja 4500 carbon fiber hpa paintball compressed air tank w. Makes filling an air gun a piece of cake and its not problem prone. Ninja paintball tank 454500 ninja ultra lite carbon fiber tank 454500made in the usa. Ninja tanks are regulated so make sure you match the custom set regulator to match your guns fill pressure. Product title ninja paintball neoprene tank cover 90 lite sl2. Long strut to help reduce contamination of the air system. Some paintball markers are designed to work only with co2 tanks, while others work only with compressed air, which in the language of the sport is also referred to as high pressure air hpa, nitrogen, nitro, or just as n2. This pump tank is made specifically for the pump paintball player. I bought an ninja air tank and it was a 4500psi regulated to 900psi. The ninja paintball tanks are great quality and made in the usa. After playing for a while i found the stock washers, 2 washers more and a new burst disk.

The ninja paintball tanks are all in stock right now and will give you the best possible setup for your gun. Cracked glass on my pressure guage, is the tank safe to use. Questions and answers about carbon fiber tank, 4500 psi, 88 cu ft. Psi holds 12 patents covering various paintball products.

Ninja paintball tank grip red defcon paintball store. Filling the tank is equally easy because of the male qc fitting with check value. Ninja paintball the leaders in paintball and airsoft. The other very popular tank is the 504500 ninja paintball tank, which is very small and light weight. Valken replacement parts kit repairrebuild custom products rebuild kit tank regulator. Ninja paintball microbore dual tank single remote coil w slide check in stock order now. These new lightweight tanks are 30% lighter than the standard versions of the same size and offer players a truely lightweight option to their setup. Srt piston sonic recharge technology piston plated alu. What does a cracked paintball tank look like pbnation.

Skirmish invasion of normandy at the ninja paintball booth taking tank trade ins. Empire offers the classic 684500 carbon fibre paintball air tank to give you more are. Tanks must be 4500 psi carbon fiber and must be from 2007 or newer. Ninja paintball tank grip black defcon paintball store. Psi has designed and manufactured paintball products for almost 20 years. The fill nipple on your hpa tank is more important than most realize. Ninja lite carbon fiber air tank 684500 w pro v2 series regulator. You get to trade in your existing air system, towards the purchase of a new ninja air system or any of our used refurbished air systems the tradeup program is only valid towards ninja paintball air systems. Pb mechanix, llc 88 glocker way ste 263 pottstown, pa 19465 phone. Replacement fill nipple for ninja paintball and most other brands of compressed air tanks.

First, a bit about paintball tanks and hydro testing. Lube the orings on the shaft with ninja lube silicone lube and apply a small amount of air tool paintball gun oil all synthetic to the threads only, do not use grease. Ninja aluminum paintball tank ninja air aluminum hpa paintball tank black. The new ninja regulator extender has the same made in usa quality and support you are used to with ninja paintball and allows you to extend your regulator by about a half inch to the overall length. Because for all practical purposes it is a standard 4500 psi paintball tank.

Instead of searching and reading countless forums, grab your paintball tank and keep on reading. Ninja paintball 186 virginia rd, crystal lake, illinois 60014 rated 4. Sonic recharge technology piston plated aluminum piston that produces an industry leading recharge rate and virtually eliminates regulator related shoot down, shim pressure adjustments change output pressure by adding or removing shims. Take a look at the top of the valve, the asa threads and the gauge for any cracks or signs of stress. In a few short minutes you will know exactly when your paintball tank needs to be rehydrotested. Tank tradeup pb mechanix ninja paintball tanks, ninja. If you would like to send in a bottle for a cracked tank gel coating warranty, please click the link below. Ninja paintball sl2 carbon air tank 684500 sl 2 cerakote gun smoke usually ships in 24 hours tmg special.

Hydrotesting checks the durability and longevity of your tank. Ninja tanks come in many different sizes and three regulators to choose from. Currently making and designing my first paintball gun. Can i use this tank to fill my small 90 cu in ninja paintball tank. Ninja sl paintball tank 684500 2016 breast cancer awareness. Ninja paintball tank cover with images paintball, sports. Ninja paintball tank cover paintball, sports equipment, ninja, baseball hats. Ninja paintball tanks are some of the best compressed air tanks to ever hit the market. We came together with our years of experiance to develop the lightest weight tank in paintball. Ninja paintball is a division of pressure specialist inc psi. Ninja lite translucent lime carbon fiber air tank 684500 w pro v2 slp reg.

Empire paintball has been known for providing players with the equipment they can trust, that includes their paintball air tanks. I am unsure what pressure release valve to use to send the. This will allow the venting air to remove any debris from the threads and ensure that the control knob will function properly. This allows you to have a more comfortable fit with your tank when you shoulder your gun as well as giving you some extra room for your wrist near. Ninja standard ci 3000 psi aluminum air tank black questions about this item.

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