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Amateur ham radio frequency table amateur ham radio frequency table this information is presented for people that are not hams, or amateur radio operators, that want to know something about the frequencies that hams are legally allowed to use. Note that the channel numbers are not necessarily sequential with frequency e. The myths about this least understood area of cb radio will be exposed at last. For less than the cost of a decent dinner out for two people a fullfeatured short to medium distance communication tool the baofeng uv5r can be purchased. The bottom edge of the overtheair channel 2 is 54 mhz and the upper edge is 60 mhz. List of common radio frequencies for the baofeng uv5r. Channels between 1 and 40 except for the telemetry data channels are currently migrating from 16khz to 10. Archived pdf from the original on 30 november 2010. Back in the heyday of radio channel 11 was the call channel and channel 19 was the channel that the truckers hangs out on. The original source of this article and chart is radiomaster reports.

It is designed to be used without the need for technical. Shtf survivalist radio frequency list page 1 of 7 this document relies upon firsthand physical research, correspondence, and open public domain sources 199720. Ultrahigh frequency uhf radios, at the time, were neither practical nor. Uk cb and cept frequencies ukeu 80 channels by staffs paul. There was, and may still be some allocation for commercial broadcast relay slightly below channel one in the united states. With cell phones most truckers only uses the frequencies sparingly hence unless you know a certain trucker and he will talk to you most of them will not talk to regular old people who are not truck drivers these days. Download csv file of all identified frequencies for agency. However, these industrial uses have a wide tolerance that includes all the cb channels below channel 28.

Uk low vhf cb citizens band radio there are a lot of cbs in use around the uk and worldwide. If youre new to ham radio, these articles contain information that new ham radio operators should keep handy while gathering experience. Program your vhf uhf transceivers for disaster preparedness with frs gmrs pmr murs business weather marine ham channel frequencies shtf prepper radio frequency lists shtf survivalist radio frequency lists. United states vhf marine frequency list channel number ship transmit mhz ship receive mhz description of communications 1a 156. This is a convention rather than an official allocation channel is officially allocated for this purpose by the citizen band radio stations class licence. In the us, a tv channel is a 6 mhz wide chunk of bandspace. Also, because of the long wavelength, cb antennas good ones anyway are large by nature. Citizens band cb radio authorising amplitude modulation am modes of operation 2 section 2 2 introduction and background introduction 2. The citizens band radio service is a private, twoway, shortdistance voice communications service for personal or business activities of the general public.

However, due to the influx of traffic, most of the time channel 19 is busy. Channel 9 is the emergency channel indicated by yellow and channel 19 is the commonly. Citizens band cb radio spectrum use information and. A guide to the new pmr446 licensefree radio frequencies. It is outdated and i need your help to get it filled in. Cb rule 3 provides your authority to operate a cb unit in places where the fcc regulates radio communications, as long as you use only an unmodified fcc. Mostly truck drivers in the morning but a lot of people use them for general chit chat or long distance contacts. Please contribute to the accurate listing of all active users on the band. In the united states, the cb band radio service, or citizens band cb, known as the class. Many freebanding cb radio operators tap into an unauthorized cb channel just for the thrill of it. Later, pll circuitry came about and lans were cut, and wires run to enable other frequencies hidden within the eprom. These transmissions are usually openly available for anyone to hear, but most of the time truckers talk in a form of code that only they understand. Many seagoing operators now only monitor vhf distress channels.

Citizens band cb radio spectrum use information and operation. Since the early american rigs began finding there way to these shores, the demand for citizen band radio was met by a number of changes in. Today, despite uncle charlies attempts the freeband lives on. To simplify selection of an operating frequency, the citizens band radio spectrum is. It is a shortrange radio service for both hobby and business use. There are 80 channels of free uhf cb two way radio channels that have been set aside for the general public to use. Earlier in the last century before the time of email, and mobile phones, the cb radio was an excellent way to connect with friends all over. Cb channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization cb rule 7. Despite the fact that channel 19 is also the nations standard channel for truckers, it is worth to note that it will not be found in some areas. The cb band once consisted of 23 channels with a couple of channels left unused below channel 23. While most of the activity occurs above channel 40, youll find some am action below channel 1 as well.

Channels 24 and 25 are out of sequence frequencywise. Citizens band radio equipment information and operation. Pdf channel vision carrier primary sound mhz am carrier mhz fm 1 45. Among several other services that share the cb frequencies is the former class c citizens band service, renamed to the radio control radio service rcrs in 1976, outlined in subpart c of the part 95 rules for radiocontrolled rc devices. Catv channel frequencies usa here is a list of tv frequencies. Our help center is one of the best resources available to help you select your equipment, assist you in installing your equipment, troubleshoot issues, and give you information. Truck drivers typically talk on channel 19, for instance, with a frequency of 27. Compliments of firestik antenna company technical support team copyright 1996 firestik antenna. Channel 19 is the most popular cb channel for trackers. Cb world home huge selection of communication equipment.

Youll find these references to be just what you need while learning to. The small channel numbers in pink represent the equivalent uk 2781 channels. Blanket permission is granted universally to reprint, copy, and publish widely. Frequency list for shtf survivalist radio communications and preppers information about common frequencies and channels for tactical, emergency, and survival. Frequencies above channel 40 and the 10meter band did have some allocation for business band use, but that ceased. Scanner frequencies and radio frequency reference for citizens band cb login register. Radio frequencies talk channels for two way radio are allocated by the acma australian communications media authority which is the federal governing body in charge of licencing of two way radio frequencies.

This class licence lets you use citizen band cb radios to communicate over short distances. Public am and fm channels and frequency list mobile systems. The body imposed huge fines on anyone caught transmitting on those frequencies. We also have many other communication products that are not cb related. This is a list of some common free band users in this spectrum. Tv channel, catv and fm broadcast frequencies note. If you travel on the american highways, having a cheap cb radio in your car and a k40 five foot mag mount antenna on your roof is a smart move. Shtf survivalist radio frequency lists radiomaster reports. They were backfilled into the 30khz space between channels 22 and 23 when cb expanded from 23 to 40 channels in 1977.

The 20 khz jump every 4 channels in the lower half of the band was to protect radiocontrol channels that existed before the citizens band was created. Citizens band or shortdistance cb radio was invented and first licensed in 1947 operating on a 27 megahertz mhz or 11meter radio frequency over 40 channels. A list of cb frequencies and cb radio channels follows. Within this 6 mhz space is a video carrier, a color carrier, and an audio carrier. Channel 19, frequencywise, is the bands deadcenter channel. The gaps exist for radiocontrolled rc device frequencies. No cb channel is assigned to any specific individual or organization cb rule 7. Nato and sar search and rescue common frequencies nato common approach 362. Citizens band cb download printable pdf file of all identified frequencies in agency. Fcc frequency chart an international cb radio dx group. Cb users share spectrum in a frequency band used by the ministry of defence.

The harmonised use of frequencies for citizens band cb radio. Cb radio frequency chart cb radio extended frequencies. Firestik antenna company 2614 e adams st phoenix, az 85034 tel 6022737151. You may use any of the 40 cb channels on a taketurns basis. The long dx contacts can be interesting to listen to and even the lorry. Updated in the last 7 days updated in the last 24 hrs. There are no channels authorized in the cb radio service above 27. My personal experience in repairing over 2,000 cb radios has shown that about 75% of all problems are not even in the radio.

One of the things that set the cb radio user apart from others is that there is a particular lingo attached to it. We have scanners, hardware, radar detectors, led light bars, dash cams, and a great deal more. Cb 27 cb radio mobile 40 channel, cb radio channels, cb frequencies on a ham radio, cb radio range, cb radio frequencies pdf, cb radio license, cb radio channel 19 live, cb radio base station. Please note that these channels are often used by radio control models and other similar devices. Pmr446 personal mobile radio 446 was conceived as a european licence. The same goes for frequencies below cb channel one until you get to the amateur radio 12meter portion. Citizens band radio used in many countries, is a land mobile radio system, a system allowing. Survivalist ssb cb freeband channel frequency list.

The best antennas are from five to nine feet in length. A radio frequency that is below the citizens band, for example, is often quiet and seemingly underutilized. Extremely popular, the baofeng is a compact, handheld radio capable of transmitting with 4 watts of power across 6174 mhz and 400480 mhz frequencies. Channels marked in red are alpha frequencies and can be obtained by using a 20khz shift. Citizens band cb scanner frequencies and radio frequency. Packet callsign was systematic in zuerich we have packet callsign from her200her299 in bern is the callsign hef200hef999 ect the voice callsign was regulated in bern have ending 62 in zuerich we have ending 79 switzerland have the best organized cb in europe. Shtf survivalist radio frequency list and charts for the doomsday prepper click to print wallet size shtf frequency list prepper survivalist channel frequencies basic chart vhf uhf hf cb marine ham frs gmrs pmr murs fm ssb am. The fine is mainly because all of those channels are for licensed amateur radio operations. Frequencies above 28,000 mhz in the cb radio frequency chart are considered illegal by fcc. The new frequencies, which follow ecc decision 1505. Ham vs cb vs frs vs gmrs vs murs 2 bloggers like this. A guide to the new pmr446 licensefree radio frequencies following ecc decision 1505 and what it means to you.

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