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Continuous replication is in a failed, seeding, or suspended state march 26, 2011 by paul cunningham 1 comment. Exchange server 2007 clustered continuous replication. Sometimes its necessary to manually seed or add an exchange server 2007 database to a storage group copy. In contrast to lcr, where recovery is a fully manual process, recovery in a ccr environment is fully automatic. Seeding is done with the powershell cmdlet updatestoragegroupcopy. If youre recovering an exchange 2007 server with the hub transport server role installed, and this is the only exchange 2007 server with this role installed, its recommended you run m.

In exchange 2007 service pack 1, a new feature was introduced that allowed additional redundant networks to be added to a ccr environment for the purposes of log shipping and database seeding. There is one ad site per dc location and since the ccr implementation is local to the primary site and no longer stretched, there is no need to also stretch the ad site for ccr between physical dc locations. The first backup that is performed is referred to as a seed, and is a complete backup of. Exchange 2007 mailbox server clustering simple talk. Continuous replication for this storage group is blocked. Switch over is the same process of making the active node to passive node but the failover is manual. Recoverserver with the donotstarttransport syntax since theres a few postrecovery steps that should be completed before this role is made. The log file xxxx for servername\your storage group is missing in the production copy. After some investigation we noticed that the exchange replication service starts and a second or two later stops. The last inspected log time shows the time before the database was dismounted to copy. Exchange 2007 ccr scr replication issue logs no truncating showing 18 of 8 messages.

Depending on the situation, seeding can be an automatic process or a manual process in which you initiate the seeding. If you suspect you have a replication issue or you did but have now resolve the problem and are ready to re seed your databases here is the process. High availability and disaster recovery features in. The event log did not give us much information, only stating that the service started and stopped again. Can i copy ex2010 databases physically before replicating.

When using continuous replication in exchange 2007, an operation that sometimes needs to be performed is a database seed. Automatic seeding an automatic seed produces a copy of a storage groups database on the target. Learn to manually seed an exchange 2010 dag database in this tutorial. Once seeding got completed the log file created in the active server. I did a manual seeding of exchange 2007 on a exchange ccr cluster. When exchange 2007 is installed on a cluster there are several exchange 2007 specific resources that are created. Can i copy ex2010 databases physically before replicating them via a dag. Exchange 2007 ccr in failed, seeding, or suspended state. There may be times where you need to seed one or more storage group copies in your ccr cluster. Exchange server 2007 sp1 exchange server 2007 sp1 further enhances exchange server 2007 by improving the performance of existing availability features. Find answers to exchange 2007 ccr reseeding failing from the expert community at experts exchange. If it is not in a healthy state, it will fail over but the databases will fail to mount. Symptomsdpm server no longer would run backup on passive node of cluster.

Integrating microsoft exchange server 2007 in a cisco. How do you convert a ccr cluster of exchange 2007 from p to v in vmware. We had an exchange 2007 ccr cluster where the passive node databases stopped seeding. We are having issue with our exchange 2007 sp1 cluster enviroment. This process is called seeding and it establishes a baseline in the replica. It discusses strategies and best practices on how to configure and optimize the disaster.

In ccr, you can manually start a failover from the active cluster node to the. Exchange 2007 ccr scr replication issue logs no truncating. The log files on the passive node quit being updated around january 2nd. Continuous replication is in a failed, seeding, or suspended state exchange 2007 ccr. In case of the source mailbox server failure, you have to manually failover. I accidentally deleted an exchange 2007 clustered resource. This provides capability for high availability, with ccr, and disaster recovery dr, with scr. Generally speaking the installation of the service pack is very straight forward for normal exchange 2007 roles such as hub transport, basic mailbox, client access however when you get into the realms of looking at ccr upgrades things change a little and become a tiny bit more complex. Manually copying the offline database this method involves. Sometimes these clustered resources are accidentally deleted using cluster administrator or failover cluster manager. I recently ran into a situation where the database and transaction logs on the passive node of my ccr cluster became out of sync. Continuous replication is in a failed, seeding, or suspended state on exchcluster1db1. Due to the size of some mailbox store, the updatestoragegroupcopy is the way to seed.

I have exchange server 2007 ccr is the production server. Installing, configuring and testing an exchange 2007 cluster continuous replication ccr based mailbox server part 2 introduction in part two of this articles series we installed the necessary windows components, enabled and configured the majority node set mns quorum with file share witness as well as the transport dumpster on the hub. This operation is typically performed as part of enabling replication, and infrequently it is performed as part of the process for recovering from divergence. Manually adding an exchange 2007 database to a storage. Exchange 2007 using vss to perform an online offline. Henrik walther, in how to cheat at configuring exchange server 2007, 2007. Incidentally, i keep wanting to call it continuous cluster replication instead of the official cluster continuous replication.

Exchange local continuous replication seeding fails. Disabled, failed, seeding, copying, stopped, and healthy. Automatic seeding requires that log1 be available on the source. Offline defragmentation an overview sciencedirect topics. Exchange 2007 ccr reseeding failing solutions experts.

Ccr running in production site win server 2003 enterprise exch 2007 sp1. I am trying to reseed the passive cluster, which i have had to do several times with exchange 2007 rtm. During the update process, you will be prompted to delete any obsolete checkpoint files that are found in the passive copy of the storage group, and any existing database file that is found in the passive copy of the storage group. Figure 6 illustrates the use of microsoft exchange server 2007 with a local ccr and remote scr implementation. You can perform seeding in microsoft exchange server 2007 by using the following methods. Seeding is the process whereby a database is added to a storage group copy. How to reseed passive node of exchange 2007 ccr cluster. What is lcr, ccr, scc and scr introduced with exchange 2007. Moveclusteredmailboxserver cannot be performed if one or more of the server s storage group copies are in failed, seeding or suspended states. Exchange 2007 ccr cluster continuous replication dr support.

With specific networks dedicated to log shipping and database seeding, the remaining network is dedicated to its task of servicing client communications. Mailbox, hub transport, client access, edge transport and unified messaging. To check the state of the replication, open the exchange 2007 management console. Java project tutorial make login and register form step by step using netbeans and mysql database duration. Pierre bijaoui, juergen hasslauer, in designing storage for exchange 2007 sp1, 2008. Passive cluster node an overview sciencedirect topics. An exchange server 2007 ccr cluster uses a cluster quorum configuration called node and file share majority this means that the cluster has two servers that are the cluster nodes themselves, and a third server that is the file share witness server. Microsoft exchange 2007 ccr continuous cluster replication.

This is a very important point to keep in mind when you plan the recovery strategy of a geographically dispersed deployment of ccr. Manually seeding a database isnt common, but its good in a pinch. If any more information is need in ccr please inform us, we will. Manually adding an exchange 2007 database to a storage group copy sometimes its necessary to manually seed or add an exchange server 2007 database to a storage group copy. Ems process open exchange management shell on the passive node. We have two exchange 2007 nodes in a ccr environment. General exchange 2007 ccr question general exchange 2007 ccr question sircam mis op. Local continuous replication lcr is a singleserver solution that uses builtin asynchronous log shipping and log replay technology to create and maintain a copy of a storage group on a second set of disks that are connected to. This is not a checklist of differences between ccr and scr in exchange 2007, but a main one i thought all should be aware. Exchange 2010 dag local and site drfailover and failback. When setting up local continous replication on an exchange 2007 servers larger database, the wizard consistently fails with a message along the lines of.

Thinking back, this is the 4th reseed i have done in this environment in the last few months which i think. Seeding can be postponed for a new mailbox database copy, but. Exchange 2007\2010 database replication issues reseed. Now that i have installed sp1 on both cluster members and run the setup upgradecms command, the updatestoragegroupcopy command fails both from the mc and the ms as follows. A database instance resource coordinating to each database created on the cms. Installing, configuring and testing an exchange 2007. Im in the process to setup scr in my exchange organization and have a few questions regarding manual seeding process. In exchange server 2007, continuous replication incorporates log shipping. Cluster continuous replication network design simple talk. A vss backup created on the passive cluster node can only be restored to the active cluster node.

If you want to proceed, you must manually dismount the affected databases and. This tip by microsoft exchange expert brien posey explains the log shipping process as it applies to all three types of continuous replication. If there is any datacenter failover then his activation has to be manually performed. Exchange 2007 ccr cluster fails to reseed after an outage posted on may 18, 2010 by kevin peters i dont usually talk too much about exchange unless its related to ocs, but this issue was a bit of a pain, so i wanted to share in case it can save anyone else some time. Seeding is the process of creating a consistent database copy on a dag. Here i decided that i was going to reseed the replication process for the first. Exchange 2007 ccr cluster continuous replication on this page i will explain how to install and configure ccr for exchange 2007 server. Before we start talking about how to perform a manual seeding of a database copy, it would be a good idea to define the term seeding in terms of lcr.

You can perform seeding in microsoft exchange server 2007 by using the. Typically seeding is an automatic process, but in some cases manual seeding may be required. Exchange 2007 ccr cluster fails to reseed after an outage. Exchange server 2007 log shipping and continuous replication.

Hence there is a big queue of backlog log files to be copied to the passive server. When i try to use the command line on exchange management shell. How do you convert a ccr cluster of exchange 2007 from p. In the article high availability in exchange 2007, several options in exchange server 2007. Seeding is most often performed with the updatestoragegroupcopy cmdlet. Microsoft exchange dr and high availability features have evolved a. It never gets past the initializing part and we cant suspend the storage copy to do any manual reseeding. Shared resource required to handle failover and function with the cluster plugin. You can use the procedure in situations where you determine seeding is required. Exchange 2007 exchange server 2007 provides or distributes its features and functionality through the five different server roles. Complete public folder migration from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010. This is not a checklist of differences between ccr and scr in exchange 2007, but.

Before failing over in a ccr environment, it is highly recommended that you verify that the status of the replication is in a healthy state. Manually adding an exchange 2007 database to a storage group copy. The cluster continuous replication ccr in sp1 has been enhanced by supporting redundant separate cluster networks for log shipping and database seeding. You could also manually seed the database by copying the edb over prior. You cannot restore the backup data to the passive node. I want to configure exchange server scr is a standby server. In my opinion, exchange 2007 is an evolutionary step in providing a.

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